The mission of the Virginia Taxidermists Association is to promote a standard of quality, fairness and conduct for all of the Virginia Taxidermists and our associates. To this end we shall encourage all interested parties through education and example to better themselves and their practices for the benefit of our customers, ourselves, and the general public. 



The Purpose of the VTA shall be to:

  1. Further contracts and better understanding among taxidermists and related industries.

  2. Unite into one organization, all interested taxidermists, tanners, taxidermy suppliers and sportsmen and women.

  3. Disseminate information and meeting convention at regular intervals.

  4. Aid in the taxidermy profession by lobbying for fair legislation on the State and Federal level and develop rapport with those agencies.

  5. Abide by the Virginia Taxidermists Code of Ethics.

  6. Establish an Ethics Committee to handle problems within the state of Virginia in the taxidermy related industries.